Time Traveling
Project Description:

A personal project centered on the concept of time. Time is a process, a journey, an unfolding adventure of your own creation. Time is a river that flows to reveal different stages in our lives. We are born in this world alone, to not fear, but to sail a boat to discover ourselves and find a path that leads us to curiosity, a treasure chest that only by following our journey we will find. In the freezing cold, awaiting patiently for something to happen but we cannot resist, we cannot resist to long so we escape the fall into a better world where we begin to dream. Hope. Our dreams they wait to be pursued. Through this dream, there is love. Pure love. Love that turns into a passion. A passion so strong we become powerful. So powerful that we become weak and lose sight of the sun. So weak we feel defeated, only to find a path again to keep walking. The sun. Strength transmitted through its rays. Determination. Our dreams again. We are dreaming. And we must keep walking. Peace, at last.

Hans Zimmer - Time


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Matte Paintings


Inspired by life while listening to Hans Zimmer's masterpiece "Time," I decided to create what I believe are the stages of life through time. By listening to the track over and over again, I calculated which stage would fit in the right piece of the song. Secondly, I spend a couple of weeks of creating matte paintings for each stage using Photoshop and hundreds of images to create one scene. This involved a additive and subtractive process of cloning, painting, erasing, color correcting, lighting, and manipulating the images. After the matte paintings were completed, I broke down each file with all the layers ready for animation and did many tests to fit the music. Followed by some addition of sound effects and a long render.